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The cause of this problem is that GrabAction may reset objects’ kinematic attribute to false after releasing them. This behavior is configurable via “Interactable/InteractionLogic/Interactable.GrabLogic/Actions/PrimaryAction/Interactable.GrabAction.FollowAction”, where “Is Kinematic When Inactive” should be ticked.

UPDATE: The latest VRTK has an issue which causes “IsKinematicWhenInactive” reset to false when game is started. A workaround is to patch the following line at GrabInteractableFollowAction.cs:184

- IsKinematicWhenInactive = GrabSetup != null ? GrabSetup.Facade.ConsumerRigidbody.isKinematic : false;+ IsKinematicWhenInactive = GrabSetup != null ? GrabSetup.Facade.ConsumerRigidbody.isKinematic : IsKinematicWhenInactive;

Change “Grab Offset” from “None” to “Precision Point” in “Interactable/InteractionLogic/Interactable.GrabLogic/Actions/PrimaryAction/Interactable.GrabAction.FollowAction”.

To get rid of the grabbed object after the controller button is released:

Step 1. Find the button action
  1. Find the desired button action in “Scene/VRTK Setup/InputMappings/UnityXR.OpenVR.LeftController”
  2. Add a item for the “Deactivated” event
  3. Drag “LeftInteractor” from Hierarchy to Inspector to fill in “None (Object)”
  4. Choose “InteractorFacade/Ungrab ()” on the right

Install dnscrypt:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xuzhen666/dnscrypt
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install dnscrypt-proxy

Start dnscrypt-proxy instances:

$ sudo /usr/sbin/dnscrypt-proxy -R cisco-ipv6 -a -d
$ sudo /usr/sbin/dnscrypt-proxy -R cloudns-syd -a -d

-R resolver specifies the resolver proxy uses. For the list of available resolvers, please refer to…

The algorithm used here is based on M. Tennekes, et al.’s work: Tree Colors: Color Schemes for Tree-Structured Data specifically designed for generating colors for tree structured data (like tree maps) in HCL color space. A HCL color is made of three components: hue, chroma and luminance. …

A few statistical algorithms like IsolationForest, an efficient outlier detection algorithm, are implemented in R language only. …

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Urban Visual Analytics | PhD Candidate at State Key Lab of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University | Member of Interactive Data Group |

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